Jan 24, 2013

Pink things I saw in Cuba

At the start of January I spent 11 days in Cuba with my photo journalism class, shooting mostly in havana - I focused mostly on interiors and empty spaces. I have tons of pictures I need to scan and edit but for now here are some digital snapshots of pink things I saw along the way. As you've probably noticed by now I am obsessed with colors and pink in particular so this is just something I did kind of instinctively without caring much about the composition. I'll try to post more ''real'' photographs this weekend once I have a bit of time to scan them! :)



  1. fantastic.

    I like so much your photos real!!

  2. I really love this!! The individual pictures have great composition but more than that, I love how specific the theme is! really makes the set coherant and inspiring

  3. Oh, this is absolutely brilliant!

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  5. This is beautiful, and so inspiring. Love the pink/turquoise combo.

  6. Ahh I love it!

    So many pretty pink things, so little of them that were expected :)

    ❤️ Fran @ frannymac.blogspot.com